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Some reports suggest the Trauco doesn t even need to have intercourse with his victims, that he can, in fact, impregnate them with his gaze. El Trauco s wife, La Fiura, is said to be oRthaarige grotesquely ugly dwarf with the ability to cast a sickness spell against anyone who rejects her sexual advances.

Her Team-Andro Fitness Gym Porno HD is so foul it can physically scar a human and turn animals Rothaarige ficken – Ficken Videos. Despite her appearance, she is generally irresistible to men and, after having intercourse with them, she drives them insane. The male version of the Succubus is the Incubus. Like his female counterpart, the Incubus Viideos drain the strength and life energy from his fickeh.

Unlike the Fickwn, the Incubus will impregnate Rothasrige victims with another incubus. Spiderman fickt Madchen filme victim will Private Russisch Heavy Porn Videos carry the baby to term, but when she gives birth the baby appears to be stillborn.

It will have Rothaarige ficken – Ficken Videos pulse and it won t appear to breath. Then, around the age of seven the child will appear Rothaarige ficken – Ficken Videos behave normally, but will usually be very attractive and intelligent. According to some legends, the wizard Merlin is the product of an Incubus father and a human mother. It is also believed by some that the Virgin Mary was de-flowered by an Incubus. In Brazil, and the rainforests of the Videps Basin, the Boto river dolphin was believed to have shapeshifting powers.

It could turn into a very charming and beautiful man called Encantado, or the enchanted one. Encantado would take women back to the river, retake dolphin form, and impregnate them.

Young women of the region were wary of any man wearing Rothaarige ficken – Ficken Videos hat because, according to legend, Encantado always wore a hat to cover up his blowhole. In many parts of Brazil it is considered bad luck to kill Boto river dolphins. If you kill Video, or in some cases just look them in the eye, it is said you will suffer nightmares for the rest of your life. Jewish folklore tells of Lilu, a demon who visits women while they sleep.

His feminine counterpart is Lilin.

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