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Tenten raise her legs up in Msuchi air in a spread eagle position. Then Sakura leaned forwards a little and grabbed both legs with her hands to make sure that Tenten?s legs stayed that way.

Tenten did not mind doing this because it ended up lifting her but a little off the bed. Which took away some of Tenten?s pain. Tenten bit down on her bottom lip as she prepared herself for the first strike. With in seconds Ino brought the melt part of the belt down right across Tenten?s pussy.

Tenten wanted to scream as loud as she could but did not. However, she had to do something to occupy her mind gdfickt of the pain so Tenten decided to lick Sakura?s pussy. Author?s notes yes, the pervious chapter was a little short, but I had my reasons. In addition, I like to say this chapter would not have been made if Josh did not tell me about his wonderful suggestion on how Blondine enge Muschi wird gefickt Kostenlose Blondine Pornos continue.

Thanks man for sending Russische Orgie XXX videos your idea.

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